Making School Easier For Your Kids

Making School Easier For Your Kids

3 Tips For Crafting Successful Tutoring Sessions For A Child With ADHD

by Laurie Ramirez

As a tutor, you will work with a wide variety of students who face different challenges that make it difficult for them to succeed within the classroom. Here are a few tips that will help you work with students who have ADHD. These tips should help you help your students succeed with their school work. 

#1 Craft Your Tutoring Session Towards Each Child's Strength

When you tutor a child who has ADHD, you need to make sure that you craft your tutoring session and gear them towards the child's strength. Every child has a different learning style, which is especially true when it comes to students with ADHD. Find out what each student's learning style is and use that to guide your tutoring session.

For example, if the student you are working with is a visual learner, use pictures to explain concepts to them and allow the students to express what they have learned through pictures. Or, if the student you are working with likes to talk through ideas, have a discussion about the concept you are working on with them. 

#2 Break Up Your Tutoring Sessions

Many students who had ADHD are not able to sit or hold still for a long period of time. Take that into consideration when crafting your tutoring sessions. Break up your tutoring sessions and allow movement breaks. Even better, try to incorporate movement into your learning sessions.

For example, if you need to complete an hour worth of homework with your tutoring student, schedule a break every twenty minutes or so. 

#3 Get Hands-On

Many students who have ADHD do much better when they are able to learn through hands-on activities where they can move around and involve their entire body in the learning process. When you are teaching a new subject or concept to a student, try to find at least one hands-on way for them to learn the new concept.

For example, if you are working on learning spelling words, instead of just reading the list and having your student spell the words out-loud, have them make the words with play dough. 

The best way to work with a child with ADHD is to turn what is seen as their weaknesses in the classroom and turn those elements into their strengths during your tutoring sessions. Add breaks to your tutoring sessions, try to figure out a way to make each lesson hands-on and craft your session towards your student's individual strengths. 

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