Making School Easier For Your Kids

Making School Easier For Your Kids

3 Advantages Your Daughter Will Have Going To Private High School

by Laurie Ramirez

There are many advantages of putting your daughter in a private school. As a parent, you are probably wondering if it's worth it to pay so much for tuition when she could attend a public school for nearly free. Here are three specific advantages that will help you understand how your daughter will benefit from attending a private school.

1. Uniforms 

Most, if not all private schools require their students to wear standard uniforms. While many girls, especially teenage girls, might find this constricting and oppressive, it's actually freeing. Without the worry of fitting in and impressing people by their clothing, girls can concentrate on school work, and letting their true personalities show. Uniforms equalize students, so no one will be able to visibly tell which students place more importance on fashion trends and superficial beauty.

Uniforms at school have been shown to improve school spirit, increase concentration on academics while lessening the emphasis on outward beauty, and improve student behavior. If you want your daughter to concentrate more on academics and extra-curricular activities, private schools and their uniforms will definitely help take the other, extraneous and superficial worries away, allowing your daughter to show her unique personality and work harder in her classes.

2. Emphasis on Academics

Private schools offer smaller numbers. That is to say that the student population is smaller than public schools, the class sizes are smaller, and the student to teacher ration is much less than that in public schools. The teacher to student ration is usually at about 1:8. This means that individual students receive more attention from teachers and are going to get an education tailored more specifically to them, which is known in the education world as differentiation.

Teachers in private schools are more likely to be highly qualified to teach their subjects. Many private school teachers have impeccable references, previous teaching experience, as well as higher degrees in their fields. Many teachers in private schools have Master's degrees or significant training and  endorsements for their subject. This translates into the students receiving an education par excellence.

3. Specialization

Yes, private schools charge tuition, and tuition doesn't usually come cheap. But, because private schools are not funded by taxes and regulated by the government, they are able to specialize in certain areas of academia that make education in that subject far superior to that in public schools. The private schools have more money to put toward good facilities and highly qualified teachers.

They are not restricted to the same bureaucracy and red-tape that public schools have to abide by. They are allowed to emphasize the precepts of certain religions, or concentrate on excellent sports and extra-curricular activities, such as horse-back riding or rugby. An education at a private school will indubitably increase your daughter's chances of getting accepted into a firs rate, exceptional university.

These are only a few of the very strong cases for putting your daughter in a private school. In a private school, she will be able to thrive in her classes, get the educational attention she deserves, and participate in excellent extra-curricular programs. 


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Making School Easier For Your Kids

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